Although there is no International Development Studies program at USC, there are many relevant courses from various disciplines that you can take as electives.


  • BAEP 460: Seminar in Entrepreneurship – Section 14388 with Jessica Jackley – Kiva.Org founder. Class dates are Jan 13 – Feb 24, Spring 2010.
  • BAEP 491: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Global Challenges with Professor Adlai Wertman
  • BAEP 499: Social Entrepreneurship


  • ECON 692: Seminar in Economic Development

International Relations:

  • IR 325: Rich and Poor States in the World Economy
  • IR 344: Developing Countries in World Politics
  • IR 364: The Political Economy of Latin American Development
  • IR 454: The International Political Economy of Development

Policy, Planning, and Development

  • PPD 250m: Third World Cities
  • PPD 382: International Development

Political Science

  • POSC 451: The Politics of Resources and Development
  • POSC 456: Women in International Development

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Please see the Schedule of Classes for further information.

For Innovation Coursework, visit the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation.